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Welcome to Automate Soft, at Automate Soft We pleasure to provide a variety of innovative and creative Software Solutions, IT Services and Web Design which Offer integral IT solutions for business. That we put in our client's hands more than a decade of hard and continuous work experience, to meet all their needs and help them to take advantage of the information technology effectively, assess business situations, development the technical strategies, and analyze business problems.

Our Service

At Automate Soft, we offer a plethora of different solutions for your business. Whether you’re a new business startup, or an established Enterprise. We can work with you to achieve Technology recognition and growth with the following services:

Software Solutions

Software Solutions

Understand how your business operates to define a System that fit all your business needs.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

We transform your idea into a truly productive and world-class mobile apps solution...

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Compelling design is one of the most important aspects of your business’s arsenal.

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Web Development

Web Development

We don't start with the technology, we start with the problem.

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Web Design

Web Design

Everywhere & Every Device, Your Site Should Flow Seamlessly

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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Strategize to drive traffic, engage visitors, and convert prospects.

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Video Production

Animations can be used by architects and designers as a powerful marketing tool and to support planning applications. In addition to this, by immersing the viewer in your design you are enabling them to experience a virtual tour of the proposed concept. This allows for design development and feedback, resulting in a reduction of costly design changes when the project is on site.


We bring you measurable results at every stage of the process. Meanwhile, we constantly improve our campaigns based on those results. Sustainable growth is not an end-goal, but a constant feature of our work together.

Fresh and Clean

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Easy to customize

Our Software makes life particularly easy for the user. The graphic interface with selection menus and Drag & Drop functions make it easy to establish the links and directly displays the desired.

Quality & Efficiency

A software application that is poorly designed or developed will cause frustration and exponentially growing maintenance costs over time, that's why at Automate Soft, we are dedicated to quality work, and getting things right first from the very beginning.


We have a deep understanding of the patterns of successful innovation, developed through in-depths research across a variety of industries and business types. We believe that developing innovative capabilities is essential for long-term and sustainable growth that serves shareholders, employees, consumers, and society overall.

Long-term support

The friendly environment and team spirit at Automate Soft promotes open and honest conversations with our clients, which helps with discovering technical issues early on and having them resolved quickly.

Delivery time

We focus on the end goal that we want to achieve, and we commit ourselves to respecting deadlines.

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We’ve established a new range of alliances to meet the needs of our diverse customer base. You’re welcome to work with our partners to assist with upgrades In many field such as:
• Networking.
• Telephone.
• Security.
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